OEM Cleaning

Below are direct cleaning instructions recommended by each product manufacturer:

Care & Cleaning


Most stains should be easily removed from olefin fibers. If the stain persists, the cleaning procedure should be repeated to insure stain removal. The sooner the stain removal process begins, the easier the stain will be to remove. Under no circumstances should any solvents associated with the dry cleaning of apparel (perchlorethylene, carbon tetrachloride, etc.) be utilized, as permanent damage to the fiber will result.

Exterior Marine Carpet:

Syntec Industries, Inc produces exterior carpeting with 100% ultra violet resistant fibers. We produce our own fibers allowing us to control the quality and assuring that the highest grade of color pigments and stabilizers are utilized.

Superior Fade and Degradation Warranty

Carpets manufactured with Syntec's ultra violet fibers have been tested and proven to withstand the grueling demands of nature. We back our product by offering a limited warranty against fiber fade and failure to approved boat manufacturers. We are confident of our products and we fully back them.

Excellent Wear Test

Exterior carpet manufactured by Syntec is produced with a special blend of resilient fibers to withstand traffic and retain its beauty.

Stain Removal

Syntec's olefin fiber is inherently resistant to stain. However, when a spill does occur, it can be easily removed with normal cleaning procedures. All stains should be removed as soon as possible as this enhances the ability to remove the stain.

Miscellaneous Stains

Apply warm water and household detergent in minimal amounts to the stained area. Sponge or scrape until stain is removed and wash with clean water.

Persistent Stains

Apply warm water and household detergent. Work well into the stained area then flush with warm water. If stain persists, work with Synergistecs' DECKSWABS.