OEM Cleaning

Below are direct cleaning instructions recommended by each product manufacturer:

Care & Cleaning


The ZippyCool Cleaning & Lubricating System is specially formulated to effectively clean and lubricate all types of metal, coil and plastic zippers. ZippyCool Cleaning Fluid, featuring the unique patented push/pull dispenser brush, removes harmful dirt, sand, salt deposits and other residue. The ZippyCool Lubricating Stick is a unique wax formula designed to lubricate zippers. Regular use of the complete ZippyCool Cleaning & Lubricating System will prolong the life of ALL your metal, coil and plastic zippers.



ZippyCool Cleaning Fluid:

Prior to application, make sure zipper teeth are clear of sand, mud and other debris. For best results, use dry brush to remove any grit. Whenever possible, rinse zipper with fresh water. Apply ZippyCool Cleaning Fluid to inside and outside of zipper teeth. Rinse brush after every use. ZippyCool Cleaning Fluid's biodegradable formula leaves a unique protective film which lubricates without collecting residue.

ZippyCool Lubricating Stick:

Prior to application, clean zipper with ZippyCool Cleaning Fluid and rinse with fresh water. Apply sparingly. (Notice: For airtight and watertight zippers, apply ZippyCool Lubricating Stick only to the outside of the zipper teeth.) Close zipper carefully and unzip again to distribute lubricant. Repeat the process until zipper moves freely. To prolong the life of your zippers, reapply ZippyCool Lubricating Stick regularly, especially prior to extended storage periods.